Hubbe is the first prototype of a smart system for waste identification with the aim to change behavior and raise awareness of sorting waste in the office environment.

The smart waste bin

  • Hubbe ca be a social meeting point: a message board, a place to exchange books or maybe pick herbs for lunch.
  • User Dialouge: The interface alerts the users if they did not recycle correctly. It also helps the users keep track of their progress.
  • Technology, diagnostics & monitoring: Cameras are placed inside the bins. Thanks to image recognition they can determine if the user recycked correctly.
  • Sensors detect when the bins are full, and connect to LL Bolagen to notify them when it´s time to pick up the recyclables.
  • Design & aesthetics: Hubbe is designed to blend into a modern office environment and the high demands of todays user.

Hubbe is always on-line and connected. It´s constantly communication with the users, and it´s artificial intelligence is learning from each and every recycling action.

The circular economy

Hubbe is a smart recycling hub equipped with pedagogic, on-line units for sorting of recyclable waste from businesses, schools and households.

Hubbe is equipped with state-of-the-art sensor technology and wireless solutions for monitoring of waste types and fill grades.

Hubbe communicates with the user about recycling and environmental benefits through a touch screen, leading to improved awareness and motivation. This leads to better segregation, higher value of the materials and better material recovery.

Hubbe is always on-line with the waste collection contractor for monitoring of filling grades. This in turn gives more efficient logistics in waste collection, transport cost savings and climate benefits.

Hubbe is flexible and can be adjusted in size and shape to fit the client’s environment. The dialogue and messages on the screen can be tailor-made to the client’s preference.


En investering i avfallsstationer från Moderna betalar sig ofta på mellan 12 – 48 månader.


I utvecklingen av våra produkter läggs stort fokus på säkerhet – för såväl användare som tömningspersonal.


Den stilrena designen speglar vår syn på form och funktion. Modernas behållare smälter diskret in med övrig bebyggelse.


Underjordsbehållaren som passar allt från små hushåll till stora objekt med flera hundra användare.

Fully Underground System – robust och kostnadseffektivt avfallssystem.

Nytt källsorteringssystem för fastighetsnära insamling och sortering av källsorterat material.

Kärlskåpslösning som byggs ihop och kombineras till effektiva kompletta återvinningsstationer.